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We are proud to be affiliated to the Woodland Carbon Trust the accredited, award-winning carbon removal scheme that is operated under the Government's 2011 Woodland Carbon Code.

We constantly look at ways to reduce our environmental impact and mitigate our carbon emissions, which helps fund tree planting with the Woodland Trust, the UK's leading woodland conservation charity. It is estimated that 25m2 of native British woodland captures and stores at least 1 tonne of CO2.

What is Woodland Carbon?

Woodland Carbon allows organisations to mitigate their carbon emissions by funding tree planting here in the UK. Operating under the government's Woodland Carbon Code, the scheme gives businesses the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact and facilitate the wide range of benefits provided by trees.

Through Woodland Carbon you can:

Link your organisation to the environmental benefits of tree planting, such as improving air and water quality, preventing soil erosion and providing a sustainable source of low-carbon fuel

Provide much-needed space for wildlife

Establish new woodlands for generations of people to enjoy

Connect with your staff and customers through special planting days

Raise your environmental and sustainability credentials

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